Lead Attraction Content Marketing

Repeat after me, I am relevant, I am relevant, I am relevant!  That is the mantra that your website should be delivering every day.  Today’s web user is looking for relevant content that to engage with.  If you create compelling content that users engage with, your leads and client base will flourish.

Our Content Based Lead Gen Strategy

Step 1 – Review Current Landscape

  • competitive landscape
  • current external/internal links (not number of links but unique referring domains)
  • current site metrics
  • current page speeds (crawl efficiency matters)
  • current social media engagement
  • site consistency – header content, body, breadcrumb
  • bounce rates
  • time spent on site
  • pages viewed per visit
  • sitemap
  • robots.txt

Step 2 – Discover Buyer Persona

  • who is the audience the website communicates with
  • what do you know about them, their computer usage, their behavior
  • what activities make up their job
  • what are their frustration and pain points and what do you offer them to help
  • what obstacles do they need to overcome
  • what info do they need
  • what do they need to know about your company to make things better
  • what do they say/think when comparing your to competitors
  • what are their objections
  • what makes them take action

Step 3 – Keyword Analysis (keeping persona in mind)

  • matching what the user means with keyword analysis
  • review analytics for current search terms
  • keyword surveys
  • search engine tools
  • keyword tools
  • competitive keywords
  • google autocomplete
  • social sentiment (i.e. top hastags)
  • video search (top watched in vertical)

Step 4 – Content Strategy

  • providing the content the persona was really looking for
  • not the same information every other site has
  • making sure the content portrays expertise
  • is this the best match for the customers needs
  • no useless pages that are only keyword optimized
  • map content development ideas with keyword and buyer persona
  • what articles will this persona read
  • will they want a pdf, video or other to consume content
  • how can we get them to take action after reading content
  • creating articles titles that grab readers attention while SERP friendly

Step 5 – Link building

  • press releases that are newsworthy not just keyword rich
  • podcasts
  • screencasts
  • wiki entries
  • links with sites your customers will actually visit
  • diverse anchor text in links
  • provide relevant content to blogs (offer value)
  • build community

Step 6 – Social Media Integration

  • people believe the actions of others reflect the correct behavior
  • testimonials
  • publish content on Linkedin
  • twitter/fb following/content

Step 7 – Review Analytics

  • track metrics that matter
  • mapping conversion flow
  • determine highest converters
  • look at ways to increase conversion